Toyota Corolla Cross Coming to the US in 2022

The new Toyota Corolla Cross first debuted in Thailand last year, then was rolled out to other parts of Asia and South Africa. It’s now been announced that the ‘22 year model will be coming to the United States.

With sedan and hatchback sales declining rapidly, Toyota is working to leverage the Corolla name with the popular Crossover market. This model will slot in-between the smaller 2-door C-HR hatchback and the larger RAV4 SUV. Even though the Toyota lineup has become crowded, it’s no surprise to see this vehicle entering their lineup with the dismal sales of the CH-R last year.

With conservative styling, average fuel ratings, and a modest 169 horsepower, there are a few other angles that will allow the Corolla Cross to become a competitive offering.

The first of which is the Toyota Safety Sense package which comes standard with automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-centering assist, and automatic high-beams. When you move up from the base model, you also gain rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring. Only the top-of-the-line XLE trim offers rear parking assist with automatic braking.

The second advantage is one that we actually touched on earlier, the name. The Corolla badge is respected in the compact car space and carries a certain expectation of quality. While it may not be the most prestigious or luxurious model, it has always held a competitive place in its segment.

Most people purchase a Corolla for its reliability and value, and it has almost always been considered a very safe bet. Toyota’s warranty package is relatively standard when compared to the competition, so they have tried to push this angle by including two years of maintenance free-of-charge.

The new ‘22 Corolla Cross comes standard with a 7” touchscreen, Amazon Alexa, Android Auto, and Apple Carplay. It also has available options for an upgraded 8” screen, AWD, and a hybrid powertrain.

If it wants to compete with other crossovers like the Kia Seltos, Jeep Compass, and Rogue Sport, competitive pricing and value-based marketing will be key. Official pricing is not available yet, but it’s expected to land within the $20,000 to $30,000 range.

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