He Hates His Car’s Door Chime. Truthfully, We All Want to Make Changes to Our Cars.

People often love or hate their vehicles because of a minute feature. If they can, they’ll find a way to make changes to get the satisfaction they want.

The CarTalk subreddit reminds us how vehicle ownership creates a strong emotional bond. Like with people, familiarity often breeds contempt.

The owner in the post below, couldn’t take the annoyance of his vehicle’s method of keeping him informed about the risk of an open door. He decided to make a change to Georg Michael. (Really?)

We love our cars or trucks because they allow us to do important things. Vehicles get us to work, the beach and to a favorite place to eat.

According to one study, on average Americans spend about 18 days per year in their vehicle. That’s about the same amount of time the average American gets for vacation.

Like relationships with people, time causes owners to begin to love and hate things about their vehicles. As can be seen in the post from Reddit, that love-hate relationship motivates owners to make changes.

Remember when cup holders made owners rave about their vehicles? Love for the multi-disc CD player quickly got replaced by an infatuation for the mp3 compatible system.

Currently bigger touchscreens and Apple CarPlay functionality spawns the lust of car owners. On the opposite end of the spectrum, features such as the Electronic Stop-Start draws more ire than appreciation for its positive effects on the environment.

Attempts to make changes in the people in which we share relationships, doesn’t usually work out very well. Relationship experts will likely caution against such efforts, as they can cause irreparable harm.

Again, like relationships with people, making change to our vehicles can at times come with risks. The example of changing the audio for the door chime seems to have worked out well.

That need to improve the owner-vehicle relationship, drove Doug Indrunas to find a way to remove the risk from vehicle improvement. While he doesn’t provide a way to change the sound of the vehicle door chime, click here for that, he does provide other ways to improve vehicles.

Whether owners want a larger touchscreen, a cool digital speedometer or sleek leather seating, his company offers products to improve the owner-vehicle relationship. Most important, he took the risk out of changing the vehicle.

Infotainment.com only offers factory upgrades. So while owners may be changing their partner, the improvements will actually represent releasing the inner ‘better vehicle’ that the vehicle wanted to be when it left the factory.