GM Shares Their Vision for an EV Future at CES 2021

GM has taken a holistic approach to future mobility, going beyond just building vehicles.

On Tuesday, General Motors’ Chairman and CEO Mary Barra shared the automobile manufacturer’s plan to become a completely electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer.

The plan as it turns out, intends to address the purpose of mobility as a whole, implementing technology to remove the practical challenges of everyday transportation. From the size and type of vehicles utilized in various situations, to the specific needs of the people operating those vehicles.

From GM’s perspective, the improved future of mobility will rely on electrification and the Internet of Things (IoT).

GM has named their kick-off as Exhibit Zero. With the Zero related to the company’s goal of zero accidents, zero carbon emissions and zero congestion.

The strategy encompasses an entirety of technologies required to make EV work. The company touted their Ultium Battery System,ultifi platform, vehicle intelligence platform and a new mobile app providing a new level of customization and flexibility to vehicle owners. All these technologies have been designed and integrated to deliver a unique experience to individual drivers.

Said in plain terms, GM believes they can deliver EVs that consumers will actually want to drive.

GM demonstrated their commitment to their new path forward with strong goals. The company plans to spend $27 billion on electrification and introduce 30 new EV models by 2025.

GM also included mobility services for the commercial sector as part of an all-electric future.

The company introduced Brightdrop, a commercial transportation services and vehicle manufacturing company. Brightdrop will bring GM shipping and supply chain solutions to the shipping and warehouse industry.

These solutions include electronic pallets—the EP1 already being used by FedEx, and the EP 600 electric delivery van. GM also inferred the inclusion of telematics software and warehouse management and delivery software as part of the services available to commercial transportation customers.

Just in case viewers may have thought this was all pie-in-the-sky dreams, they introduced the new Cadillac Celest/Q as proof the company planned to deliver on promises.

Whether the transformation works, still remains to be seen. But the company definitely appears to have a laser focus on what seems to be the future of transportation—and GM seems to becoming more than just an automobile manufacturer.