AppleCarPlay, A Quick Video Tour

Apple Car Play, a quick video tutorial

Apple CarPlay allows drivers to integrate their phone with their infotainment system.

What Apps Can You Use With Apple CarPlay?

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of almost every human’s day. We rely on them to keep in touch, send messages, entertain our children when we can’t and generally help manage our lives.

With the advent of voice recognition and AI tools such as Siri and Alexa, we can just tell our smartphones what to do— and they perform the desired tasks in most cases.

The benefit of smartphones, unfortunately, doesn’t mesh well with driving. They tend to distract drivers which leads to accidents. Car manufacturers have helped cross the bridge by integrating things such as hands-free Bluetooth connectivity and onboard navigation to in-vehicle navigation systems.

But what if you want to play your favorite music playlist from Spotify? Or maybe you want to use Waze due to its real-time updates. You find yourself back at the chasm that exists between your in-vehicle life and how you manage life outside the vehicle.

Apple CarPlay allows you to bring your smartphone to your vehicle. Now you can show your iPhone screen on your car’s radio touchscreen. You can access your favorite apps while in your car via the touchscreen.

Not only do the apps show up on your screen, but you can also use voice commands to make all these things happen.

Join infotainment owner, Doug Indrunas, for a quick video tour of the Apple CarPlay app.